What are the contact details for the Transport Office?

The Transport Manager can be contacted by phone on 020 8266 1705 or by email at transportmanager@habsboys.org.uk.  By emailing the Transport Office you will receive an automated reply giving answers to the most common questions.

Who do I contact in an out of hours emergency?

In the first instance you should contact the Transport Office using the phone number above.  If the office is unavailable, you should call the coach operator for your route.

What are the terms of using the coach service?

All passengers parents and guardians must read and agree to the Coach Code of Conduct.  This forms the terms of travel for our coach service.

How do I book a new ticket for regular travel or make a change to an existing regular travel coach ticket?

All bookings, amendments and cancellations must be made via the online forms with the fare added to your school account.  For new tickets and amendments, please complete the form here.  For cancellations, please complete the form here.  All regular ticket cancellations require a minimum notice period of one full half-term.

How do I book an ad-hoc (casual or single-journey) ticket to travel on the coaches?

These are available via the School Office either in person or by phone.  All ad-hoc coach fares are added to your school account.  If you already have a regular ticket for travel that day the regular fare will be offset against the ad-hoc fare.  Ad-hoc tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable.

What do I do if I have a coach ticket but I want to travel to a different stop?

You must always have a ticket for the stop you wish to travel to.  You may not board a different route to the those on your coach pass. If you want to travel to another stop, you must book an ad-hoc ticket for the stop which you wish to travel to.

What happens if I am found travelling on the coaches without an ad-hoc ticket or coach pass?

A minimum £15 penalty charge is added to your billing and the school is informed so that appropriate action can be taken and details of the offence placed on your school record.

Is my coach stop the same in the morning and afternoon?

Not necessarily.  There are 34 routes in the morning, 34 routes at 16:15, and 13 routes at 17:30 so it is not possible to cover all stops on all services.  You need to check the timetable and stop descriptions carefully to see where your nearest stop is at the time you wish to travel.

What do I do if my booked stop is not on a 16:15 or 17.30 coach?

You are entitled to use whichever stop is reasonable as an alternative without having to book a second ticket.   

What do I do when I lose property on the coaches?

In the first instance, lost property is returned to the lost property racks at Coach Park Office with valuables stored in a safe in the coach park office.  If the property is not on the racks you should call the Coach Operator responsible for your route.  The office telephone numbers can be found on your ticket - F routes are Southgate & Finchley, M Routes are South Mimms Travel and H Routes are Hearns Coaches.  Coaches will not make any special trips to return lost property and visits to coach operator offices to collect lost property are not permitted for safety reasons.  Any unclaimed property is held at school - please contact the school office for details.

What do I do if my morning coach is late to arrive at my stop?

If the coach is more than 10 minutes late, one of the passengers at the stop should contact the Transport Office on 020 8266 1705.  The Transport Office will establish the whereabouts of the coach and confirm what alternative arrangements are in place via email. You should remain at your stop unless advised otherwise by the Transport Office.

What do I do if I’ve missed my stop or got on the wrong coach?

**Stay on the coach**.  Never get off in an area unknown to you.  Advise the driver as soon as possible who will contact the office and make arrangements to take you to a place of safety to await collection. 

Junior and Prep school age children must always be met by a supervising adult.  Please impress upon this age group the importance of staying safe and to never get off without having sight of the person collecting them.  

What happens if I misbehave on the coaches?

You will be reported to your Form Tutor or Head of Year with a copy to the Deputy Head, appropriate action is taken and details placed on your school record.  If the incident is considered to be placing others at risk then the matter will be taken to the Deputy Head.  For serious incidents and repeat offenders then a ban from the coaches will be put in place.  Please be aware many coaches have CCTV fitted which will be used to monitor and record behaviours.

Do I have to wear a seat belt on the coaches?

Yes - It is a condition of travel with Haberdashers' Schools that all passengers, no matter what their age, wear a seat belt.

Can I eat and drink on the coaches?

No – food and drink consumption is not permitted on our coach service.  Only water may be consumed on the coach.

Do I need to tell you if my child travels on an earlier or later afternoon coach than normal?  

No - you may use any of the afternoon departure times without having to book a specific time.

Do I have to stay with my Junior / Prep child to await the morning coach?

Yes - no Junior or Prep child should be without an adult waiting for their coach in the morning.  Junior and Prep Students must be with an adult at the coach door whether they are alighting or boarding.

Can Reception Girls and Pre Prep Boys use the coach service?

No - our home to school coach service is only available to students in Year 3 or above.